Take it from us; there are way too many fish finders on the market and fishermen have a challenging task of selecting the right one. Depending on your needs, you can but a unit that has more features, but such fish finder is also more expensive. On the other hand, if you are running on a tight budget, then you need to know your options and what device to choose. If the money is only deciding factor in your purchase, then start from there. So, we are going to suggest you some models and their prices and help you make an easier decision.

Under $100

For this price range, you are looking for a basic unit, that has a small screen and low resolution. They also have a low rating, as well as transducer end, resulting in reduced reading. You can use this fish finder for 100-150 feet. The readings will still be useful, but not excellent. In this case, we would suggest you buy Lowrance Hook 3X.

The unit has a 3-inch color display, high-performance broadband sonar, ASP and precise target separation, which makes easier for fishermen to spot the schools. The fish finder has a temperature sensor, which helps you choose different frequencies, depending on water temperature and water conditions. There are a couple of cons, the unit gives infatuate depth readings, the temperature isn’t always ready correctly, and it can show objects that aren’t there.

Between $100 and $300

Fish-findersIn this category, you will have a lot of chose and considering that manufacturers compete every day with new technologies, you can find a lot of high-quality units that are affordable.

The fish finder that stands out in this price range is Garmin Striker 4 VD.

The highly sensitive GPS is one of the best features of this fish finder. It helps you locate and save your favorite fishing spot. It also has CHIRP traditional sonar that provides clear image and displays sharp fish arches. Considering the high-advanced scanning sonar, you will have a distinct image below your boat. You also have an opportunity to split the image and see sonar and map option. It comes with a 5 and 7-inch display. This unit also has a couple of disadvantages; the screen is too small, doesn’t show longitude and latitude and manual is poorly written.

Between $300 and $600

This price range is for advanced fishermen and for people who are ready to invest money in a high-quality unit. In this case, you should choose Lowrance Hook-5.

The sonar can detect almost anything under the boat, it has high accuracy, precise mapping and 3,000 maps of rivers and lakes, up to 1,000 feet. The unit has a 5-inch color display with high resolution and CHIRP sonar technology. You can also use sonar history to see what was previously under your boat. The fish finder has a couple of cons, for example, it’s hard to hook up, and a screen can change a lot on its own.