Preparing a lobster might be one of the most challenging meals for you. We all know how lobster is delicious when we order one in the restaurant. But, have you ever thought of preparing one at home? Many people are intimidated by this crustacean, but it’s actually quite easy to cook. So, that’s why we have made a short guide to help you prepare a delicious lobster meal and enjoy it with your family and friends.

Buy a fresh lobster

Fresh-lobsterLobster is one of the rare meals you can buy in a live state. When you go to a local fish market, make sure you buy lobster from a trusted source and it’s still alive and moving. For example, when you pick up a live lobster, its tail will curl under the body. The most popular lobster in the U.S. is from Main, which is famous for its sweet meat. Lobsters tend to be cheaper in spring than in summer months. You should buy the lobster the day you plan to cook it and store it is seawater or wrapped in a wet cloth. You will need up to 1-1/2-pound lobster per one person.



Cooking and boiling lobster

Cooking-and-boiling-lobsterFor this, you will need a large kettle with a lid. The size of a pot is essential because the lobster needs to fit inside in order to cook properly. Before you put it inside, take lobster behind its eyes and rinse it under the cold water, then quickly put lobster into the boiling water, head first. The boiling time should be 15 minutes, and you should adjust the heat necessary for constant boiling. If you are working with a larger lobster, then you should increase the boiling time. When it’s cooked, remove the bands and massive claws. Usually lobster turns red and tail goes under legs when it’s prepared correctly.

Remove the meat

Here comes the tricky part, removing the meat from the shell and when lobster is cold enough to handle, place it on its back. First of all, you should remove the tail from the body, by twisting it and then use scissors to cut the membrane and to separate the meat. Keep in mind on the black vein running through the tail because you need to remove it as well. Also, twist large claws and separate them from the body and use a nutcracker to open claws and extract the meat.