Many fishermen are interested in new technologies, and fish finders are one of them. They facilitate your work and make you enjoy fishing even more. But, sometimes even with the use of all that technology, people don’t end up catching fish. Maybe it’s the weather, or temperature of the water, or the wrong time, but you don’t know that if you don’t have a fish finder. But, once you buy one, you need to learn how to operate it. We wouldn’t say this would be a challenging task, but here are some tips and trick that can help you.

Identify school formation

Once you hit the water with your fish finder, you will see a lot of objects down below. But, the essential thing is to learn to distinguish schools of fish from other structures when graphing offshore. The most experienced fishermen think this is easy, but, if you are a beginner, then this can be a challenging task. If you master this skill, then you will be able to identify the type of fish and its size, whether you catch it or not. Three different formations can appear on your screen: attack formation, wall-to-wall carpet and an explosion and then the fish is a shape of an arch.

Attack formation

Wifi-FinderIf you notice a vertical formation of schools of fish, then keep your mind on this because it’s called attack position and this is one of the essential things to remember. Most likely, here you will find active schools, and if you want to have a good catch, then that’s what you should look for. The best way to recognize an attack formation is when school is placed in vertical position, attached to the bottom. So, when you see a school like this, you can throw almost any bait and expert to have a great catch. They are usually five feet from the bottom, with somehow haystack structure. When you see a school like this, don’t waste your time, get up and get casting because it’s time to load your boat.

Wall-to-wall carpet

In this case, then schools don’t create a specific formation, but they are scattered across the bottom. You are located at the bottom and have a wall-to-wall formation. In most cases, you can soak your bait and wait for the catch, but only if it’s a nice and peaceful day, otherwise, you won’t have luck. You can also leave the schools and check it out later. When you meet wall-to-wall carpet formation, it’s like playing a slot; you never know when it’s going to bite.


Even though explosion of fish on your screen may seem like an appealing idea, but many fishermen don’t like this formation. The schools are spread all over the place, and they look disorganized. So, when you encounter a school like this, it’s better to wait a couple of hours to see if they would group up. In any other case, you don’t have a chance.